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Alabama Aquatic Biodiversity Center Dedication

Outdoor Alabama (ADCNR)
Posted: 10/10/2010


On Friday October 29, the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources will hold a dedication ceremony at 10 a.m. for the Alabama Aquatic Biodiversity Center (AABC) located near Marion, Ala. The AABC is dedicated to the conservation and restoration of rare and endangered freshwater mollusks (mussels and snails) in Alabama waters -- the largest state-run non-game recovery program of its kind in the U.S.
Alabama has 51 mollusk and 13 fish species considered Threatened or Endangered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The AABC has more than 12 federally listed and candidate species under culture. Prior to the dedication ceremony, AABC staff will be releasing several species into rivers and streams around the state in an effort to bolster or re-establish local populations. Other AABC activities include joint projects with the Smithsonian, the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, the University of Alabama, and Auburn University.

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